Jianjun Hua, the Statistical Consultant from Educational Technologies and Chairperson of Dartmouth Area SAS Users Group (DASUG)  invited

Lisa Horwitz from SAS to present:

A Long-Time SAS® Programmer Learns New Tricks

Date and time: Friday, October 20, 2017 2:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Duration:1 hour

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When a large and important project with a strict deadline hits your desk, it’s easy to revert to those tried-and-true SAS programming techniques that have been successful for you in the past. In fact, trying to learn new techniques at such a time may prove to be distracting and a waste of precious time. However, the lull after a project’s completion is the perfect time to reassess your approach and see if there are any new features added to the SAS arsenal since the last time you looked that could be of great use the next time around. Such a post-project post-mortem has provided me with the opportunity to learn about several new features which will prove to be hugely valuable as I rework this project for Round 2:

  • The presenv option and procedure
  • Fuzzy matching with the compged function
  • The ODS powerpoint statement
  • SAS Enterprise Guide enhancements including copying and pasting process flows and the macro variable viewer