In order to help you budget and work with us, whether it is for a grant or a project, the following pricing are in effect:

DartFS – network attached data storage:

DartFS comes in 2 performance tiers:

  • Tier 3 – High Performance – HPC grade – intended for High Performance Computing
  • Tier 4 – Standard Performance – Workstation grade – intended for use from your desktop/laptop but can also be used in some HPC applications*.
  • Snapshots are available on all Tiers and will provide self-service protection against unintentional deletion/modification of the files. Snapshots are available immediately to the user for the following durations:
    • Daily for a week
    • Weekly for a month
    • Monthly for a year (13 months)
  • Off-site backup (NetBackup) is a paid service that provides nightly backup on removable media that are stored in an offsite location. Backup retrieval is about 48 hours.

*Both tiers are available (mounted) on all our HPC systems, however, Tier 3 will perform significantly better than Tier 4 when used for computing.

  • All researchers of the Dartmouth community are entitled to a Computing Bill-of-Rights level of service at no cost.
  • For all users: 50GB of personal research data space (HOME)  – Tier 3, Snapshotted: FREE
  • For faculty and PIs: 1TB of shared lab space (LAB) – Tier 4, Snapshotted: FREE

LAB and/or custom storage can be specified as follows:

  Tier 4
Standard perf.
Tier 3
HPC perf.
NO snapshots (not recommended) $72/TB/year $133/TB/year
Snapshots – RECOMMENDED $92/TB/year $184/TB/year
Off-site backup (optional) +$93/TB/year +$93/TB/year

Virtual Servers:

Each VM can be configured with either Linux OS or Microsoft Windows.

Virtual Server vCPU(s) RAM HDD OS support
OS and applications
Tier 1 4 16GB 120GB $770/year $970/year
Tier 2 2 8GB 80GB $400/year $600/year
Tier 3 2 4GB 60GB $300/year $500/year
Tier 4 1 2GB 40GB $155/year $350/year

* Operating Systems support include critical updates and security patches

** OS and basic software applications (web server, database, etc.) maintenance, critical updates, and security patches.

Computing Shares – Joining the Discovery Co-op:

  • Discovery is a cooperative effort and all users on the cluster are encouraged to purchase enough nodes to satisfy their normal needs.
  • Currently a share purchase is a one-time cost of $4,900 which currently is equivalent to 16 cores, 128GB RAM (8Gb RAM/core), for a period of  5 years with limited support.

Database storage:

  • Research ITC provides access to a free research database with limited storage, performance and availability. Please contact us for details. Running MySQL server accessible within the Dartmouth network
  • Containerized Databases are also available at a cost. Contact us for details
  • Pricing is the same as Tier 3 DartFS with Snapshot: starting at $93/TB/year

Consulting services and custom developments:

  • All researchers of the Dartmouth community are entitled to a Computing Bill-of-Rights level of service at no cost.
  • All consulting beyond BoR level are custom priced, and go by 5% of an FTE (approx. $5,000/year per 5%FTE).

Please contact us directly for more information, questions, budgets and quotes.