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Research Computing at Dartmouth offers a wide range of computing services to the Dartmouth community to facilitate the advancement of research.

We operate the supercomputer cluster at Dartmouth, allowing you to run compute-intensive, large-memory programs quickly. We provide data storage, accessible both on and off campus and from multiple devices, on DartFS, a next-generation storage solution, as well as databases and Virtual Machine environments.

RC also provides support for and access to research software applications such as Qualtrics, Jupyter, and ArcGIS Online as well as custom software development, and we can assist academics in creating data graphics or animations to illustrate their scholarship/research.

Our staff can provide consulting and expertise to optimize your code, as well as in specific fields of study, including GIS, Life Sciences, Humanities, and more. We also hold workshops and other training to help you most effectively use software such as RStudio, and our field specialists hold office hours every week.

Most of our services are available at no cost to members of the Dartmouth research community, including faculty, post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to meet one-on-one, in groups/labs, or just come by and we will answer any questions for you.