Contacting Research ITC:

For general inquiries, requests, or questions email or (put Research Computing in the subject line), or call the ITC Service Desk at 603-646-2999 or toll free 1-855-764-2485.

If you are requesting help with a service, filling out the Request Help form can help us solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Office Hours:

Virtual Office Hours via

On campus / in person contact us at or to schedule an appointment.

Contact a member of our team directly:

Christian Darabos Ph.D., Director of Research Computing
646-9053 —


Elijah W. Gagne, Assistant Director, High Performance Computing 646-1303 —

William D. Hamblen, Research Systems Engineer
646-1303 —

Richard Brittain, Research Systems Engineer
646-2085 —

John P. Hudson, Senior Systems and HPC Administrator
646-0846 —

Jonathan Crossett, Advanced Computing Lab —

Bonnie Scott, Research Systems Engineer  —

Research Informatics & Applications Areas

John M. Wallace, Assistant Director
646-1412 —

Stephen P. Gaughan, GIS Informatics Specialist
646-9524 —

John Bell, Digital Humanities Informatics Specialist
646-6818 —

Jing Qi, Learning Analytics and Learning Management Systems Specialist
646-9614 —

Amanda Emerson, Programmer, Prototyping Specialist —

Carly Bobak, Applications Specialist —

Kala Goyal, Augmented/Virtual Reality (XR) Neukom Fellow —


Scott Shumway, Team lead / Senior Programmer

Xiaozhou (Zoe) Zhou, Ph.D., Software Developer

David Aman, Senior programmer

Siva Kandasamy, Senior Programmer

Business Support

Jonathan P. Kulp, Program Coordinator


Susan A. Schwarz, Software Engineer

Douglas Hill, AR/VR, Software Engineer

Arnold J. Song Ph.D., Assistant Director, Advanced Computing Lab

John Gilman

Mark E. Boettcher

George E. Morris

Helen Wang, Business Support Manager

Siobhan Jacobson

Alexander Mosenthal