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Future Presentations:


July 29, Thursday 9AM

Jonathan Crossett :  “Path of on-boarding new technology: Way to build the future!


August 12 – Week of in-person party

We are planning to have in-person meet for lunch, if it is possible


August 26, Thursday 9AM

John Hudson :  “Discovery Cluster: An Overview


September 9, Thursday 9AM

Tammie Patten :  “Canvas: Getting Ready to Teach – a month in the life of a Canvas Administrator


September 23, Thursday 9AM

Richard Brittain:  “AFS: Drawing pictures of clouds long before it was trendy


Past Presentations:


February 25 

Oleg Timoshenko:  “Smart Studio” – an online teaching setup!  

The Smart Studio was designed to streamline high-quality video recording process. Our goal is to provide an easy to use environment necessary to produce innovative teaching and learning resources.


March 11

George Morris :  “All you ever wanted to know about the ITC budget… and more.”  


March 25 

Adam Nemeroff: “Bringing Panopto Video to Dartmouth”


April 8 

Kala Goyal: “VR tours of St Paul’s Basilica”

The DEV Studio has been working on creating a VR reconstruction of St Paul’s Basilica, a historic cathedral that burned down in the 1800s. Users can move through time to see how the building changed, can interact with different parts of the building, take (and eventually create) virtual tours, and can explore around the complex. I have worked on a variety of things for this project, from some modeling to UI/UX to Immersivity considerations to code architecture, and will give a brief overview of how all those facets of an experience change in the context of an XR app.


April 22

Dan Maxell Crosby & Jay Beaudoin: “Community Conversation: Behind the scenes


May 6 

Mars Yuvarajan: “Reading the Tea Leaves: Using Learning Analytics to better Student Outcomes


May 20 

Elijah Gagne :  “Building websites with JAMstack”  

JAM = JavaScript, API, and Markdown. This stack let’s you build high performance and secure websites quickly.


June 3

Scott Shumway & Zoe Xiaozhou Zhou:  “Octopus Project”  


June 17 

John Bell :  “Building the DEV Studio”  

An overview of the projects, programs, and equipment that are going into building the Data Experiences and Visualizations Studio, our new space focusing on XR.


July 1 

Town Hall meeting: “General body meeting”  


Zoom recording (valid until Oct 8) : 



July 15 

Amanda Emerson :  “COVID & Qualtrics”