Discovery is a  3000+ core Linux cluster that is available to the Dartmouth research community.

Discovery contains ‘C’ and FORTRAN compilers as well as third party applications. Requests to install additional application software are welcomed and should be directed to Research Computing.

Job submissions on Discovery are submitted to a queue. A queuing system allows for more equitable allocation of resources and optimizes cpu usage. For more information see the Scheduling Jobs to Run page.

Discovery  is available for all Dartmouth faculty research including the Geisel School of Medicine, and professional schools.

    • Users will only be able to access the cluster via the on-campus network or by accessing Dartmouth VPN. To login to the cluster, users must use a client like SSH, SFTP or a client that uses these protocols.
  • To request an account via Discovery’s account request form: Click here

We encourage research groups who have compute-intensive applications to consider participating by purchasing additional nodes. For more information see the Investing in Discovery page.  For Dartmouth ITC’s Knowledge Base articles, see this for Details or search ‘Discovery’ at

We would like to acknowledge the generous institutional support from the Office of Vice Provost of Research and Information Technology Services.