Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality (XR) incorporates technologies that blend the virtual and physical worlds to immerse users in places, times, and situations they could not otherwise experience.

Research Computing supports XR work through the Data Experiences and Visualizations Studio (DEV Studio). Services related to XR provided by the DEV Studio include:

  • Giving students access to 3D visualizations and experiences
  • Creating virtual research environments for experiments that immerse subjects
  • Brainstorming applications of augmented or virtual reality to new research projects
  • Capturing, editing, and displaying 3D data or video
  • 3D scanning rooms, buildings, or landscapes
  • Applying for funding to build AR/VR projects
  • Creating and distributing new immersive software
  • Motion capture for animation or analysis
  • Large-scale projections and other visualization output

For a consultation or project planning related to XR, see the DEV Studio’s website or contact:

John Bell
Program Director, DEV Studio
(603) 646-6818 (preferred)