Researchers at Dartmouth College can receive 50GB of free, reliable, high-speed network file storage to researchers at Dartmouth through DartFS. DartFS is a network-based storage service for documents and files. Your data can be shared among collaborators, accessed anywhere on or off campus, and is available to all Research Computing systems as well as users’ desktop Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

Optional registration for the workshop on November 9th at 9:00am in Life Sciences Center (LSC) 352

or you can request your storage account anytime at

Time:9:00am – 10:00am
Location: Life Sciences Center (LSC) 352
Presenters:Christian Darabos, Steve Gaughan & John Hudson
Categories:Researchers (Faculty, PI’s, Postdocs, Graduate Students, Research Staff)

DartFS storage:
50GB home directory at no cost for all members of the Dartmouth research community
Faculty members can request 1 Terabyte(TB) lab share
Accessible directly from your Windows PC, Mac, and Linux desktop and laptop
Additional space available for purchase
Data access from central or departmental computing environments and the desktop
The ability to store and protect data acquired from instrumentation
The possibility for a group to manage research data and information for the lab
File sharing up to DISC Level 2 with researchers anywhere
Daily, monthly, and yearly data backups to protect your data from accidental deletion/modification through Snapshots
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