Slidedeck from our recent workshop, “Programming with Python, Part 2, Basic Data Analysis”

Date:4/19/2018, 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Location:37 Dewey Field Rd, Instructional Center (1st floor)

Hands-on Training: Programming with Python, Part 2
We recommend attending “Programming with Python, Part 1” prior to registering for this workshop. Learn more about scripting/programming using Python. Python is a popular programming/scripting language, used for data analytics and automation of tasks with scripts as well as a host of other uses. We’ll work with the basic programming structures:

– Scripting/programming
– Python interactive mode and interpreter
– Variable declaration (strings, numbers, lists and arrays, etc)
– Looping and branching (‘if… then… else’, ‘while’, ‘for’ statements)

This workshop is preceded by “Programming With Python, Part 1”

Download (PDF, 1.71MB)