Informed by the findings of the 2013 Subcommittee of the Council on Computing and the 2015 HPC Taskforce, Research Computing, working with colleagues in Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) is pleased to announce the new Dartmouth Research Computing (RC) Bill of Rights (RC-BoR).

The Dartmouth RC-BoR provides the research community with a foundation of computational resources. We make it easy to expand offerings as your needs grow beyond the standard RC-BoR offering.

The current Bill of Rights includes:

  • access to the Research Computing (RC) team, with expertise in High-Performance Computing (HPC), GIS, data visualization, statistical analysis, software development, and more
  • access to HPC resources (Discovery, Andes, and Polaris)
  • DartFS: personal and shared data storage spaces available to HPC and desktop environments

The RC-BoR is continuously evolving to meet the growing needs of our research community

You can reach us at