Informed by the findings of the 2013 Subcommittee of the Council on Computing and the 2015 HPC Taskforce, Research Computing, working with colleagues in Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) is pleased to announce the new Dartmouth Research Computing (RC) Bill of Rights (RC-BoR).

The Dartmouth RC-BoR provides the research community with a foundation of computational resources. We make it easy to expand offerings as your needs grow beyond the standard RC-BoR offering.

The current Bill of Rights includes:

Dartmouth offers a subvented tier free of charge to the researchers to HPC resources. This tier is designed to provide users with immediate access to computing resources, enabling researchers to address computationally intensive tasks without incurring significant expenses.

Each account within this tier is provided access to:

  • Compute:
  • Research Data Storage:
    • everyone: 50GB Home directory on DartFS, up to 5TB of global scratch space (no backup, temporary storage)
    • faculty: 1TB of Lab space for shared research data storage on DartFS
  • Consulting and Facilitation services:
    • consulting and facilitation services are available for every-day support, training, and proof-of-concept development. Expertise range from High-Performance computing management, to data science, professional software engineering, GIS, scientific and research programming, and much more. Please reach out for more information.

The RC-BoR is continuously evolving to meet the growing needs of our research community

You can reach us at