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Digital Humanities

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

How do I install ArcGIS Software?

ArcGIS Desktop Software instructions and downloads: can be downloaded by clicking here
Please read the instructions for license information, or contact Research Computing for assistance. More information is also at this library guide:

Does ArcGIS run on a Mac?

ArcGIS software does not currently run on the Mac OS. Mac users can install a “virtual machine” and run Windows inside their Mac OS, or they can use an open-source GIS software package such as QGIS.

QGIS can be downloaded and installed from their site:

What is a good GIS option for the Mac?

QGIS is a good option for Mac Computers. It is an open-source application similar to ArcGIS Desktop.

What are options for online GIS?

Dartmouth College has an “ArcGIS Online” enterprise GIS system. You can log in with your Dartmouth NetID and password at the following link:

Please contact Research Computing or the Dartmouth College Library if you have questions about ArcGIS Online.

Another option is Google Maps. With a Gmail account, users can log in to Google’s “MyMaps” application and work with spatial data in the Google Maps environment.

Life Science Informatics

I have a question about Life Science / Bio- Informatics…

Research Computing offers numerous software, licenses, and Life Science Informatics tools and services. Please contact Christian Darabos directly for more information.

Math Applications

How can I learn how to use Matlab?

Dartmouth has licensed Matlab Academy, a series of self-paced online classes. The classes are available at

You will need to login to your Mathworks account to access the classes. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account. Be sure to use your Dartmouth email address.

Programming and Parallel Programing

How to launch research software applications (Matlab, Stata, R) on Andes and Polaris high-performance linux machines (HPC’s)?


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