Our Services

OurServicesicon_20161208Research Computing offers a wide range of services from research software support to code development and grant support. Most of our services are available at no cost to members of the Dartmouth research community including faculty, post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Our Services Include:

Software Support

We provide technical support and installation services for research software applications. Note: We offer support for research software, for help with non-research applications such as Microsoft Office please contact Dartmouth Computing.

View a list of the Software Applications we support

Data Support

We provide data management services including data storage, sharing, and access via web interfaces and support for off-site collaborators.

Code Development 

We develop, debug, and optimize code to effectively use resources and improve code performance.

Parallel Programming

We help you collaborate with users to convert sequential programs to run in parallel

Grant Support

We facilitate grant proposal writing by providing configuration and pricing for a grant’s proposed hardware and software.

Field Specific Support

  • Statistics: Our statistical consultants help with experimental design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation of results, graphics, and validation of results.
  • Geographic Information Systems: We provide systems support for GIS Software and GIS-related projects. Visit the GIS website.
  • Life Sciences/Bioinformatics: We assist with data management, computation, and software for life sciences projects.


We Assist academics in creating data graphics or animations to illustrate their scholarship/research.