RStor – being phased out beginning 2017, replaced by DartFS

RStor is Research Computing’s data storage offering. It is available to anyone in the Dartmouth community. RStor is based on the OpenAFS distributed filesystem which provides secure network file storage at relatively low cost. RStor is frequently used to share files across the Internet because it has strong authentication and flexible access control. This can be especially useful to researchers when they either need off campus access themselves or the ability to share data with non-Dartmouth collaborators.

Macintosh, Windows, and Linux users can directly access RStor by installing the OpenAFS client. The Research Computing compute servers, Polaris and Andes, already have the OpenAFS client installed and use RStor for home directories. This means it is also possible to access RStor using an SFTP client to connect to Polaris or Andes.

Available Storage

Faculty, staff, and graduate students each receive a default allocation of 50GB for their home directories when applying for accounts on Polaris and Andes. Undergraduate students receive a default allocation of 10GB.

Additional storage for large research data collections, up to 2TB per volume (multiple volumes are okay), is available on a hardware cost-recovery basis. As of April 2013, the rate is $180 per terabyte per year for a replicated volume (2 copies). Smaller volumes are prorated – e.g. 100GB is approx $18 per year.

More details on our KnowledgeBase article.

Discovery Рbeing phased out in 2017, replaced by DartFS

Home directories

  • Your home directory on Discovery is physically on either the ZFS storage system or the Isilon parallel filesystem, and are available from all the compute nodes.
    • Some users that are associated with members that have their own headnode may have their home directories physically on that system.
  • Your disk quota for your home directory is 20Gb.
  • To view your home directory disk usage, use the quota command.
  • Additional disk-space may be leased by members for $50/50Gb for 4 years of use. (1Tb maximum)

More info on Discovery.