In this lab you are going to test the scheduler.

Run the following command to submit a simple job to the queue:

echo “hostname;date;sleep 180;date” | qsub

  • This will run the hostname, date, sleep and again the date command in a job.
  • The argument to the sleep command is seconds, so the job will run for three minutes.
  • The numeric part of the output from invoking the qsub command is the job number or job id.
  • While the job is running, answer the following questions :
  1. What does showq -u <your-login-name> show you?
  2. What does myjobs show you?
  3. What does showq -r -u <your-login-name> show you?
  4. What does myjobs -r show you?
  5. What does qshow show you?
  6. What does qr show you?
  7. What does qstat -u <your-login-name> show you?
  8. What does myqstat show you?
  9. Run checkjob <job-id>
  10. Which node is the job running on?
  • After the job completes there should be two files in your HOME directory that are named, STDIN.o<job-id> and STDIN.e<job-id>
  • The .e file will contain errors that the job generates.
  • The .o file contains that output of the job along with prologue and epilogue information.
  • STDIN is the name of the job since the qsub received the commands from STanDard INput.
  • The prologue shows requested resources and the epilogue shows received resources.
  • What are the requested and received walltime values?
  • The output between the prologue and epilogue should look similar to the following:
Tue Feb 7 12:11:22 EST 2013
Tue Feb 7 12:14:22 EST 2013