There will be a series of workshops from 1/23/2018 through 5/1/2018 which are presented at the University of Oklahoma and are available via videoconferencing. The topics of the workshops focus on fundamental issues of High Performance Computing (HPC) as they relate to Computational and Data-enabled Science & Engineering, including:

  • overview of HPC
  • the storage hierarchy
  • instruction-level parallelism
  • high performance compilers
  • shared memory parallelism
  • HPC application types and parallel paradigms
  • multicore optimizations
  • high throughput computing
  • accelerator computing (GPUs)
  • scientific and I/O libraries
  • scientific visualization

The workshops are free and are targeted at a mixture of undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff. They require only a single registration and here is the link to register. See the slides from workshops in previous years here.