Staff from the Library and Research Computing collaborated to host a Software Carpentry workshop on Thursday and Friday, March 16-17, in Carson 61 from 8:30am-4:30pm. James Adams, Data & Visualization Librarian, and Christian Darabos, Research Computing Life Science Informatics Specialist, taught programming skills that focused on free, open-source tools including the Unix shell, Git for version control, and R, with a focus on reproducible research. There were 30 registrants with a waitlist that got up to about 30 at its highest (in fact the session was fully registered on the same day registration opened in February.) Participants were mostly graduate students, with a small number of both faculty and undergraduates. There were a variety of departments represented including MALS and QSS, but with strongest numbers coming from biomedical fields and the physical sciences. Planning included a campus-wide survey to assess areas of need and interest; the planning team consisted of James Adams, Christian Darabos, and Jane Quigley.